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Posts: 826
Had enough shopping malls for this year so decided to head back to Pinto Canyon and locate the petroglyph sites I missed my last trip out (http://www.anzaborrego.net/anzaborrego/forum/topic373-pinto-wash-petroglyphs.aspx). Parked at the north end of Davies Valley and headed south.

Gate to Davies Valley

Davies Valley Gate by tomteske, on Flickr

Took one of several canyons ascending the long ridge on the western edge of the valley. The canyon mouth had an old General Land Office marker with a nice tower over it.

BM Tower by tomteske, on Flickr

BM 1924 by tomteske, on Flickr

Wasn't sure what the markings meant so did a little internet research. This is a section marker in Township T17 S R9E and is located at the corner of Sections 14,13,23 and 24. The GLO was an agency set up by the Homestead Act and tasked with mapping government land in the west. It was subsequently absorbed by BLM.

Section 14 by tomteske, on Flickr

Halfway up the canyon looking toward Coyote Wells

Toward Coyote Wells by tomteske, on Flickr

Morteros at the top

Canyon Entrance Morteros by tomteske, on Flickr

Headed south on a well worn trail not needing the GPS at all.

Immigrant Trail by tomteske, on Flickr

Nice view north toward Whale and San Jacinto beyond

Toward Whale Peak by tomteske, on Flickr

Stumbled onto a presumed sleeping circle overlooking the canyon leading south to Pinto. First one I've ever seen.

Sleeping Circle by tomteske, on Flickr

Sleeping Circle2 by tomteske, on Flickr

The canyon narrowed and steepened as it approached Pinto

North of Pinto Canyon by tomteske, on Flickr

One of two modern pictographs I saw

Modern Pictograph by tomteske, on Flickr

Strange geoglyph by the trail

Modern Geoglyph by tomteske, on Flickr

Finally made it into Pinto Canyon. Took a brief peek at the palm oasis with the blue cross before heading downstream. No water there this time.

Cruz Azul Spring by tomteske, on Flickr

Mapped out a likely spot for the petroglyph site way downstream but something caught my eye

Site B by tomteske, on Flickr

Had walked right by the site last time out although it was pretty dark by then

Site B2 by tomteske, on Flickr

Pretty bizarre looking glyphs with even carved eye sockets

Site B Detail2 by tomteske, on Flickr

Site B Detail4 by tomteske, on Flickr

Across the canyon was another glyph location

Stie B Detail7 by tomteske, on Flickr

Didn't have time to look for another site between this one and the shelter cave with the boat-looking petroglyph farther upstream. Headed out of Pinto Canyon and into Davies Valley.

Looking back toward the mouth of Pinto Canyon

Mouth of Pinto Canyon by tomteske, on Flickr

Remnants of one of two completely destroyed vehicles next to the Davies Valley road

Davies Car by tomteske, on Flickr

Looking south down Davies Valley as the Sun fades

Davies Valley Looking South by tomteske, on Flickr

Have been watching the devolution of this Blazer over the past couple years

Davies Blazer2 by tomteske, on Flickr

Was rolled over on its side to harvest the rear end last time out but now upright again

Davies Blazer by tomteske, on Flickr

If you want to see it over the last couple years, here's a couple videos taken in Feb '11 and Feb '12



Father up, found another SUV, new since my last trip out 2/26/12

Davies Nissan by tomteske, on Flickr

Davies Nissan2 by tomteske, on Flickr

Nice enjoyable time in the Jacumba Wilderness. Sixteen miles, five mylar balloons and zero fights over parking spaces smile Happy Holidays. Tom

Pinto Canyon From Davies Valley 12-22-12 by tomteske, on Flickr
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Posts: 423
That looks like a great trip. We used to camp in Davies Valley all the time back in the days before the gate. On one trip we hiked up to the petroglyphs in Pinto Wash and as we approached I casually told my buddy, "If someone was way out here with a gun we would be easy targets." About a minute later we heard someone say, "You lookin' for these?" and there is a guy dressed all in camo sitting on top of the rocks where the glyphs were. He had a HUGE gun strapped to his leg. We checked out the glyphs and headed back down canyon walking in a serpentine manner. I don't know if anyone remembers or stayed in the campsites in Davies Valley but there were some sites with log books. The sites had names like Alpha Camp and Bravo Camp. Nice campsites but there were some interesting (strange) entries into those old log books.
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